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Organizational values

A note from the CEO

Hyetco is committed to observe politeness, honesty, dependability and responsibility principles as well as legal behavior.
Hyetco’s basic principle to success is customer satisfaction; and being responsive to customer needs.
Hyetco will be a pioneer in developing the skills and performance of the leadership team relying on its staff’s expertise and commitment.
Hyetco values its staff’s expertness and ingenuity.
Hyetco believes in empowerment, being responsible, team work and personality development. It creates an atmosphere in which individuals are able to co-operate in their work, decision making and developing of shared business goals.
Hyetco team is learning and sharing its ideas and knowledge constantly.
Hyetco creates and develops job opportunities.
Hyetco brings added value for all those involved.

Contact Hyetco’s TEC team

Hyetco’s TEC team is fully familiar with fixing any problems that may occur to construction and mining machineries; that is, with its proficiency, Hyetco’s TEC team, is able to fix and renew construction and mining machinery and equipment as well as to provide professional advice.  You may send us your questions and/or problems with construction and mining machinery and equipment via email, telephone or quick massaging to enjoy our team’s expertise and dexterity.

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Ever since its establishment, HYETCO’s TEC, trying to accomplish its mission, has participated in so many projects with large companies and organizations. This list includes a number of contractual and non-contractual projects. Delivering technical support in repairing and maintenance of the machinery and construction equipment along with supplement of qualitative spare parts of the machinery and constructional equipment is what HYETCO has done for these great road and dam construction companies, as well as mining operations. Following is a list of the most important ones: