About Hyetco

Our team of technical support, engineering and consulting experts (TEC) started its activity, relying on the expertise and technical knowledge of its founders in maintaining, repairing and renovating construction and mining equipment and machinery, in 2001. Hyetco’s experienced founders have precious years of experience in professional repairing and maintenance, scientific and technical training, successful commerce in the field of construction and mining machinery and spare parts, professional and expert consultation, as well as flourishing background in contracting with great construction and mining projects.
This valuable characteristic has equipped our TEC team with experience and skill. Relying on this ability, Hyetco’s experts and technicians not only are familiar with challenges in maintenance and repairing of construction and mining machineries of great companies /projects, but also able to provide the best and most delicate consultations.
Employing trained and skilled technicians, implementing standard instructions, using modern equipment and applying up-to-date techniques are the keys to our success in delivering qualified service in maintenance, repairing and renovation of construction and mining machinery.


hyetco- about us

It is worth mentioning that, besides all these abilities, Hyetco’s TEC team is also able to offer professional and skillful training courses for employees and technicians of construction and mining companies, should they have a request for it. This way, Hyetco’s TEC team fulfills its long-lasting ideology of transferring knowledge and experience, elevating people’s scientific knowledge, awareness, and mastership, educating proficient, adept personnel, improving the culture of maintaining construction and mining machinery and optimizing them.
To deliver the most professional service, this group has established a powerful organization, which has used its up-to-date knowledge, long experience and 24/7 operations to win our customers’ trust and understanding of the fact that our aim has always been providing them with benefit along with expert service in the most professional level.

Our mission

- Improving the level of professional training in maintenance and optimizing the use of construction and mining machinery;
- Supplying qualitative machinery and equipment for construction and mining purposes
- Providing technical and professional service, training and consultation in operating the construction and mining machinery and spare parts
- Managing optimized and economical operation of construction and mining machinery;

Our values

  • Hyetco is committed to observe politeness, honesty, dependability and responsibility principles as well as legal behavior.
  • Hyetco’s basic principle to success is customer satisfaction; and being responsive to customer needs.
  • Hyetco will be a pioneer in developing the skills and performance of the leadership team relying on its staff’s expertise and commitment.
  • Hyetco values its staff’s expertness and ingenuity.
  • Hyetco believes in empowerment, being responsible, team work and personality development. It creates an atmosphere in which individuals are able to co-operate in their work, decision making and developing of shared business goals.
  • Hyetco team is learning and sharing its ideas and knowledge constantly.
  • Hyetco creates and develops job opportunities.
  • Hyetco brings added value for all those involved.