Hyetco’s TEC team has centralized its activities in 3 areas:

  1. Sales center, located on Qazvin st., Tehran, is the center dedicated to selling spare parts to corporate clients and non-corporate ones, providing parts, equipment, spare parts and technical provisions needed for the workshop and projects. Technical provisions includes sending and receiving parts from the turning shop, pump making shop and cylinder head making shop.
  2. Administrative center, a 3 floor building located in Tehran, in which financial, trading, systems, technology, documents and training centers are set.
  3. Repair shop is located in a 1500 m2 of which 550 m2 is dedicated to the repairing of project related or unrelated parts such as engine, gearbox, axel, jack, pumps and hydraulic engines as well as machine overhauls.

This group is made up of around 50 people, including experts, technicians and engineers, sales and administrative financial staff.


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